13th International exhibition of geodetic and GIS software and equipment
18 - 20 October 2016
Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki
International exhibition of Geodesy, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems

Section: Geoinformation systems (GIS)

Geoinformation systems are applicable in various fields: transport, cadastre, field services, O&G sphere, environment, forestry, water resources, subsurface management, agriculture, geodesy and cartography, telecommunications, trade, services etc.

"Geoinformation systems" section within the framework of GeoForm exhibition is divided into the following directions:

  • Geo portals and geo interfaces
  • Software
  • Associated services and equipment

The exhibitors will demonstrate new technologies, equipment for cartography, geotechnical and natural phenomena monitoring as well as leveling at GeoForm GIS, cartography and geodesy exhibition: leveling systems, georadars, aircraft camera systems, UAV developments, geodesy software etc.